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About Us


300+ offices and 16,000+ employees

HIS, carries out national and international trade fairs in the world, providing direct exhibition services, an exhibition organizer engaged in commercial research in accordance with the demands of their customers on behalf of increase of exports in Turkey.
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Allocated Capital
Total Sales (JPY 430B - $31B)
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More than 60 countries

More than 60 countries 300+ offices and 16,000+ employees It started its commercial life in Tokyo by its founder Hideo Sawada in 1980. It developed very rapidly, spread over a wide geography and as of now, its own 374 offices have become the 8th largest travel agency in the world with over 16000 employees. It is in the first place as brand awareness with its office in 204 cities.

$ 5.1 billion turnover value

Our company is traded on the Tokyo stock exchange at level 1 with the code TYO: 9603. It reached a turnover value of $ 5.1 billion in 2016. Our Turkey office provides solution-oriented service to our visitors and international trade fairs since 2005 and to this day serves Fuar Sepeti brand name under the year 2011.

HIS Assurance

which is the 8th largest travel company in the world and has been serving since 1980, realizes your dreams in tourism and travel with more than 300 offices and more than 16.000 employees in more than 60 countries.

Founded in 2005, H.I.S. Turkey, Istanbul and Turkey are connected with our office in Ankara Iran, Greece, Azerbaijan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Uzbekistan, Israel (2021) in the tourism industry we serve with our office. Turkey is among the top 10 most tour operators selling air tickets are among the agencies.